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Prurigo Nodularis

What is Prurigo Nodularis of the Scalp?

Prurigo Nodularis of the scalp refers to very itchy thick hard lumps that can occur as a single lesion or a group of multiple areas on the scalp. The lumps do not have a logical reason for appearing but in certain individuals, picking or rubbing cause thick dark hardened areas of skin to appear. The itching sensation can be very intense.

What is the cause of Prurigo Nodularis of the Scalp?

It is unknown what causes Prurigo Nodularis of the Scalp.

What are the symptoms?

Crusty and scaly wart like brownish-black lumps appear on the skin. The itching is intense and scratching can last for hours.

How is it diagnosed?

A dermatologist can usually make a diagnosis based upon the physical appearance of the lesions.

What tests are needed?

No tests are required.

What is the expected duration?

Prurigo Nodularis of the Scalp can last for years without treatment.

How can it be prevented?

There is no known prevention.


Prurigo Nodularis of the Scalp is treated with topical and injectable steroids plus oral medication for itching. If a lesion becomes very thick and raised above the skin surface then surgical removal might become the best treatment option.

When to contact a professional

A dermatologist should be consulted for any itchy, hard, persistent lumps on the scalp.


Successful treatment can take time. While medical therapy can bring the condition under control, the chronic scratching and rubbing gets to be a habit so that behavior modification is required with a conscious effort made to leave the areas alone even when the itching has stopped. Relapses are common; stress and anxiety can make the condition worse.

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