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Why OTC Hair Loss Treatments Work for Some and Not for Others

You’ve seen the commercials for the over-the-counter hair loss treatments that promise to stop or reverse balding. You may have a friend who tried one of these treatments, or you may have even tried one yourself. You likely found that the treatment worked for some, but it didn’t work for everyone. Why was this?

There are a few reasons why over-the-counter hair loss treatments will work for some and not for others.

Minoxidil Treatments

One of the most popular over-the-counter hair loss treatments uses minoxidil topical foam to promote hair growth. The medicine is meant to strengthen hair follicles that have started to shrink as a result of hereditary hair loss.

While genetics are to blame for a lot of hair loss, it is not the reason for everyone’s hair loss. Even those who are losing their hair because of genetic traits may not respond to the treatment. Their hair follicles may be too far damaged to respond, making the treatment ineffective. Or their hair loss may be too far progressed.

Androgen Treatments

Other popular medications get at the hormonal issues that could be causing hair loss. An excess of certain androgenic hormones, particularly in women, can damage the hair follicles, leading to hair loss. These treatments typically block those hormones, thereby preserving the remaining hair follicles and stopping the progression of damage to the others.

Of course, these treatments may not work on some people because hormones may not be what’s to blame for the hair loss. And for others, their hair loss may be too far along for the treatment to be effective.

Other Reasons for Hair Loss

There are many reasons why people might lose their hair or it might thin that cannot be addressed by any kind of over-the-counter hair loss treatment or prescription medication. For example, some people lose hair due to harsh styling practices, such as wearing very tight hair styles or using excessive heat or chemical products on the hair. The only way to address hair loss caused by these things is to stop those practices.

Other issues that can lead to hair loss include excessive stress, nutritional deficiencies, or even certain medical conditions or diseases. The only way to stop hair loss caused by these things is to address the root problem, such as reducing stress, improving the diet, or treating the disease (assuming it can be treated or the affects can be reversed).

The best way to know what treatments will work for you is to get to the bottom of what’s causing your hair loss by seeing a medical professional. The Houston Hair Loss Clinic is ready to help you understand the reasons for your hair loss and to determine the most effective treatments for stopping it or reversing it. We use the latest hair loss treatments to get the best results for the widest range of people. Call us today at 713-561-5478, and speak to one of our experts about the right hair loss treatment for you!