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Things You are Doing that Can Cause Hair Loss

Things You are Doing that Can Cause Hair Loss

Often times, hair loss is just a matter of bad genes. Sometimes, there are things you can be doing that are actively causing your hair to fall out and damaging your follicles so that the hair doesn’t grow back. The good news about that bit of information is that if you can do something to cause your hair loss, you can do something – or STOP doing some things – to protect your hair.

Here are some of the things that you could be doing right now that could be causing your hair loss:

Pulling Hair

No, we’re not talking about pulling out your hair in stress or frustration – though that does seem like a viable option at times. We’re talking about pulling your hair too tight when you are styling it. This is especially a problem for African-American women, who often pull their hair tight when braiding it or putting it in twists or pony tails. The hair can break off from the tension. Repeated subjection to this type of styling can cause the hair to become permanently damaged. The hair line can move back significantly, or patches of the hair can thin out.

The solution here is easy: Don’t pull your hair too tight. If you can see the skin pulling with the hair, or if you are experiencing pain or headaches from the styling, it’s too tight. Use cloth bands instead of rubber when putting up ponytails or breads.

Applying Too Much Heat

Applying too much heat to your hair can also damage it. That includes blow drying every day, blow drying on the hottest settings, using curling irons, and using flat irons. Let your hair air dry when you can. Use curlers overnight instead of an iron. Or use products that are designed to protect your hair when you are using heat.

Using Caustic Chemicals

Not all the products that are designed for your hair are actually good for your hair. Some of them contain caustic chemicals that can actually damage your hair or have other negative effects, such as irritating your skin or disrupting your hormones.

Its difficult to really know which products will react adversely with your skin or hair. Instead of playing Russian roulette with your hair, just stick to natural products.

Towel Drying

You wouldn’t think that drying your hair with a towel would be a problem, but it can be, especially if your hair is already weakened by heat styling, chemicals, and other activities. Hair is weakened when it is wet, so toweling, brushing, or any styling can cause it to break off. Instead of using a towel or blow dryer when you get out of the shower, just gently pat and squeeze your hair with a t-shirt or other knit material. If you must use a towel, go gently.

The lesson here is simply to treat your hair nicely. Comb it gently with the right brushes and combs, stay out of the sun, and don’t swim in chlorine pools for hours on end. If you do have problems with hair loss, you can reverse course to protect your hair and you can visit the Houston Hair Loss Clinic for treatment.

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