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As specialists with over three decades of experience in treating hair loss and scalp disorders, we’re here to be your partners in health and self-esteem.

About Our Clinic

At the Houston Hair Loss Clinic, we’re here to help. We’re here to provide expert medical evaluations, accurate diagnoses, cutting-edge technologies and effective treatment for a wide variety of hair loss and scalp conditions, both common and complex.


Most of all, we’re here to provide a pathway to restored health and self-esteem. We know the frustration and sadness that can accompany hair loss, and the feeling that you’re no longer in control of your body or your appearance. We’re here to give you back your sense of wellbeing, physical as well as emotional.


With our decades of experience treating hair loss and hair thinning, we know that fully individualized care leads to the best results, and you’ll never get anything less from our clinic.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

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At Houston Hair Loss Clinic, we make every effort to stay at the forefront of hair loss treatments and technology. One of the most exciting recent innovations is Platelet Rich Plasma Stem Cell Treatment. We’ve been using PRP to successfully treat hair loss and hair thinning in men and women. Learn more about PRP, the latest advancement in hair loss treatment.

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Our Doctors
  • Seymour M. Weaver, III, M.D.

    Seymour M. Weaver, III m.d.

    As a native Houstonian, board certified dermatologist Dr. Seymour M. Weaver III is proud to bring personalized, effective hair loss treatment to the men and women of his hometown. He is the founder of the Houston Hair Loss Clinic and has personally treated thousands of individuals dealing with hair loss over the course of his career. While adept at treating all individuals with hair loss conditions, Dr. Weaver has a special interest in helping African American women overcome hair loss and avoid permanent baldness through the earliest possible intervention.

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  • Gildo A. Micheletti, M.D.

    Gildo A. Micheletti, m.d.

    Born and raised in Galveston, Dr. Gildo A. Micheletti is a board certified dermatologist who completed almost all of his education and training in Texas, save for his three year dermatology residency program at the Emory School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Micheletti shares Dr. Weaver’s interest in bringing relief to patients dealing with hair loss, returning them to a place of health and self-esteem. He has been treating hair loss conditions and scalp disorders in individuals of every ethnicity for over four decades.

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What people are Saying
  • “I knew that in order to regrow my hair and maintain my sanity, PRP was the right choice. I also knew Dr. Weaver and his staff was the absolute right team with the knowledge, experience and temperament for a patient like me. I trusted Dr. Weaver and his team to do the best they could to ensure that I would have a positive outcome.”

    D. Ewing
  • “I came to [Houston Hair Loss Clinic] with extreme hair breakage and irritation of my scalp. The injections provided and the scalp medication prescribed were phenomenal. I also used the DPL conditioner and Elements Protein treatment to stop the breakage within three weeks. My hair is noticeably stronger and very thick to the ends. After a year of being under your treatment, my hair is long, strong and healthy.”

    Barbara W.
  • “Fast forward four months and thankfully I have only a couple of very small bald spots remaining as opposed to the more than twenty that I started out with. The best advice I can give to someone considering PRP is to trust Dr. Weaver and his staff to perform this procedure with the utmost efficiency and precision as they do everything they can to help you have a positive outcome too.”

    Deborah E.

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