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What is the Difference Between Male and Female Hair Loss?

Woman and Men Hair Loss

Many people think of hair loss as a problem for men, but women can experience it, as well. However, women usually don’t have the same kind of hair loss as men. For example, you are not likely to see a lot of women who go completely (or nearly completely) bald the way some men can. In the battle of the sexes, women tend to “win” by experiencing less severe hair loss, but the social stigma can be greater since hair loss is not as common in women.
At the Houston Hair Loss Clinic, we treat hair loss in both men and women. Here are the differences we see in how the sexes experience hair loss:

Typically, men develop a receding hair line when they first start experiencing hair loss. They might notice that the hair line starts receding near the temples, and they develop distinct “V”-shaped recessions on either side of their forehead. The receding hair line may or may not be accompanied by thinning hair at the crown of the head.
It is important for men to seek hair loss treatment at this stage because the follicles will continue to shrivel otherwise. Eventually, the hair follicles will die, resulting in baldness.
As hair loss progresses, men lose more hair at the crown of their head, and it can progress to complete baldness, except for the very back and sides of the head. These areas are often less affected by dihydrotestosterone, a hormone responsible for hair loss.

Women don’t typically experience a receding hair line when their hair loss begins. Instead, their hair starts to thin at the center of their scalp – or the area right along the central part. Women may notice that the part becomes more pronounced, eventually creating a distinct gap.
This is the stage that women also need to seek hair loss treatment to keep the thinning from progressing. If left untreated, the hair loss will cover a larger part of the scalp, extending to the sides. Some women can lose all the hair on the top of their head.

Men and women almost always experience hair loss in the ways described above, but some experience the patterns of both men and women at the same time.
Men and women alike should seek treatment for their hair loss as soon as they notice it. Hair loss treatment cannot reverse hair loss – it can only prevent it from spreading. Therefore, the earlier people seek treatment, the more of their hair that they can retain.

The Houston Hair Loss Clinic specializes in using platelet rich plasma for hair loss. The PRP therapy provides bioactive proteins that act as growth factors and can promote hair growth. The therapy has been shown to slow hair loss in both male and female patients, and it can make other hair become thicker and healthier, which can balance out the hair loss.
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