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Misconceptions about Hair Loss

Hair loss may be a common problem, but there are shockingly too many misconceptions about what causes it and how it can be treated. You would think that information about hair loss would be part of the popular consciousness since so many people suffer from it.

Unfortunately, the persistence of those misconceptions keeps too many people from getting the proper treatment that they need to promote healthy hair growth and restore their confidence. At the Houston Hair Loss Clinic, we not only treat hair loss and scalp conditions, but we also educate our clients about what causes these issues and how to treat them. Here’s the truth about some of the most common misconceptions that we hear about:

The Wrong Hair Products Can Cause Hair Loss

Men and women alike use a lot of hair products these days to get softer hair, to change their color, and to get new and interesting styles. A lot of those products have strong chemicals in them to get the affects they promise, and many people mistakenly believe that those chemicals damage the hair, even to the point of causing it to fall out.

Sure, bleaching your hair repeatedly can cause it to break off, but that damaged hair will eventually grow back. But no hair product damages the follicle itself, so hair products do not cause hair thinning or baldness.

Emotional Distress Can Cause Hair Loss

Yes, stress can do a lot of damage to your body, but causing you to lose your hair is not one of them. Some people think that stress or extreme emotional distress can cause hair loss because people going through these trying times sometimes have thinning hair. What’s usually happening is that the emotional distress can cause people to pull on their hair more often, which can weaken the hair shaft and cause the hair to fall out. It’s correlation, not cause.

Poor Diet Can Cause Hair Loss

In most cases, hair loss is a genetic issue. Typically, you don’t lose your hair because you eat too many cheeseburgers and not enough vegetables. There are some exceptions. A lack of specific nutrients can cause you to have thinner hair, such as being deficient in iron. However, these nutritional deficiencies are specific and extreme. Hair loss is not tied to a poor diet, generally.

It Can Be Reversed

Most hair loss cannot be reversed since most hair loss is genetic. However, if hair loss is caused by hormonal issues or another physical problem, it may be able to be treated. But in most cases, hair loss cannot be reversed; it can only be slowed.

The exact cause and potential treatment of your hair loss will depend on your own health history and other factors. It is important that you get a full evaluation and expert advice rather than relying on information spread through these misconceptions. Visit the Houston Hair Loss Clinic to learn more about the cutting-edge therapies that are getting real results for people suffering from hair loss.

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