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A starter guide to PRP hair loss treatment

Platelet rich plasma stem cell treatment is often shortened to PRP. PRP is an advanced therapy that’s been proving effective in neurosurgery, oral surgery, sports medicine and orthopedics. These are just a few medical fields that use PRP. As medical professionals we’ve long been excited about the capabilities of PRP. As board-certified dermatologists specializing in hair loss and scalp conditions, we’re even more excited now that PRP is being shown to be a safe, natural and effective treatment for hair loss.

We offer PRP hair loss treatment to the men and women of Houston. We’re only too happy to take the time to go over the process in detail with every person we see in our offices. For now, here’s a starter guide to PRP hair loss treatment. This will help you begin to see what it’s all about and decide if it might be right for you.

What is PRP?

As noted above, PRP is platelet rich plasma, which is a type of stem cell treatment. This treatment has been in use for over two decades. Platelet rich plasma is a type of blood plasma that, as you might expect from the name. It is rich in platelets, containing up to five times the amount of platelets found in blood. The high number of platelets as well as the presence of three bioactive proteins found in this plasma assist in wound healing and tissue regeneration.

In plain English, where does PRP come from?

The PRP used to treat your hair loss will come from your body. It is your blood. We will draw the blood from you. Then process it in a centrifuge unit. This separates the platelets from the other blood components. This helps create a concentrated treatment.

How exactly does PRP treat hair loss?

The platelets in PRP as well as the bioactive proteins stimulate the stem cells and other cells in the microenvironment of hair follicles. This can stimulate inactive hair follicles as well as newly implanted hair follicles. This makes it both an option for a standalone hair loss treatment, or an accompanying treatment for those who have undergone hair transplant procedures.

Research is also currently underway to determine if PRP stem cell treatment is effective for thickening hair follicles, possibly providing a hair thickening treatment option for those who have extremely fine hair strands.

What is the treatment process?

After a thorough consultation, if it is determined that PRP hair loss treatment is a good option for you, we will proceed with the PRP treatment process. In it, a small amount of blood will be drawn from you and put through the centrifuge unit to obtain the concentrated PRP.

We use an anesthesia block to prevent the patient from feeling pain at the injection sites. Then we then inject the PRP into the scalp in the areas targeted for new hair growth. We complete these injections in our office. The entire process takes between 45 minutes and one hour. Then the patient is capable of driving home and continuing about his or her day as usual.

How long does it take to see results?

The specific timeframe in which each patient may begin to see results varies. This is something we’ll discuss with you at a consultation. For most patients we recommend two to three treatments to begin with, spaced six weeks apart. Results can show after two months. However, many patients will have to wait six months to see their positive results.

To find out more about PRP or to see if it’s the right treatment option for you, get in touch with us today.